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CGCF funded to offset International Forum Again

2010/12/30 15:20:59
    CGCF Funded forest to offset International Forum Footprint Once More.
The Third China International Forum of Ecological Civilization and Green Competition has been held at the auditorium of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade recently in Beijing.200 guests including government functionaries, delegates of enterprises and that of specialists from home and abroad with prominent performance in the ecological and green development attended the forum.

It is decided by the organizing committee that the forum will become the “carbon-neutral” forum to “disseminate low carbon and green concepts, raise public awareness on climate change”, stressed by Dr. Li Nuyun, Secretary-general of China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF). The total carbon emissions from the forum has been calculated at 15.6 tons of CO2-e by Beijing Gloriam Climate Technology Consulting Co.Ltd and verified by CGCF. The Foundation will allocate RMB6500 yuan to afforest 10 mu of carbon forest in Duolun County, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region which will offset all the carbon generated by the said forum in 5 years-time to achieve the goal of “carbon-neutral” forum.


The “China International Forum of Ecological Civilization and Green Competition ” is the first of its kind in China in the title of ecological civilization in the wake of it is written in the action platform in the report of 17th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The forum is co-sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), CPPCC Economic Committee and State Forestry Association and co-organized by Development and Cooperation Center of CCPIT, China Green Carbon Foundation and Guizhou Stony desertification Research Center. The forum aims at motivating the whole society to give due attention and support to environmental protection and help creating a harmonic society between the humanity and the nature as well as exert even greater efforts by enterprises from home and aboard in green production in our endeavor to build an environmental-friendly society.  

    CGCF is the first national public funding foundation motivated at combating the climate change by increasing carbon sinks and mitigating carbon emissions.. The foundation has built a quadruple beneficial platform of “store carbon credit, practice social responsibility by the enterprises, raise farmers’ income and improve ecological environment” between the enterprises and the public by the way of forest carbon sink as articulated by the Secretary-general.


CGCF has established a series of standards in carbon sink production, accounting, monitoring and verification as well as registration which are based on the China’s practice conditions and met with the international criteria. The enterprises and the private are welcomed to donate to CGCF to contribute the funding to the projects of afforestation/reforestation, sustainable forest management and forest protection. The CO2 absorbed by the woods will be credited to the accounts of the enterprise and that of the private which will be available to the public on the Internet. Every ton of CO2 will be corresponding to a plot of forest. This plot of forest will absorb the CO2 and additionally, it provides employment opportunities and increase income for the farmers by participating in afforestation and forest management, thus elevating their living standard. Meanwhile, biodiversity can be conserved and the local ecological environment improved which exemplify the multi forest functions.



The present forum is one more public benefit “carbon-neutral” event after the previous one at the UN Tianjin Climate Change Conference.





Organized by China Green Carbon Foundation  

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