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New Announcements Relating to Adaptation Made ...

2021/11/9 16:10:35


New Announcements Relating to Adaptation Made at COP26


COP26 President Alok Sharma

Credit: UN Climate Change - Kiara Worth

UK COP Presidency - COP President daily media statement and latest announcements

List of announcements, 8th November:

  • Global leaders commit to a shift towards locally-led adaptation through over 70 endorsements to the  Principles for Locally Led Adaptation and over $450m mobilised for initiatives and programmes enhancing locally-led approaches [LIFE-AR, FLLoCA, CRPP and the Taskforce on Access to Finance] .
  • $232 million has been committed to the Adaptation Fund, the highest single mobilisation to the Fund and more than double the previous highest collective mobilisation with a $20m contribution from the UK. Commitments came from from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the Quebec and Flanders governments.
  • Race to Resilience campaign brings together initiatives that are strengthening the urban, coastal and rural resilience of 2 billion people worldwide.
  • New climate providers  have committed to balance through the Champions Group on Adaptation finance.
  • The UK has announced £290 million in new funding for adaptation today, including £274 million for the Climate Action for a Resilient Asia (CARA) programme.
  • New climate providers have committed to balance through the Champions Group on Adaptation finance.
  • 88 countries are now covered by Adaptation Communications or National Adaptation Plans to increase preparedness to climate risks, with 38 published in the last year.

See full release with today's press conference opening statement from COP President Alok Sharma here.


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