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China Green Carbon Foundation received a donation

2010/12/20 17:49:55

The 3rd China International Forum of Ecological Civilization and Green Competition were hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, CPPCC Economic Committee and State Forestry Association in Beijing on Dec 19th 2010. China Green Carbon Foundation acted as key organizer along with other 2 organizations for this forum. 

During the process of forum, Dong Ying San Ming Forestry Development Co., Ltd donated RMB 10,000,000 to China Green Carbon Foundation to support the public welfare of combating climate change by means of afforestation, scientific research and knowledge dissemination etc.
The Secretary-General of China Green Carbon Foundation Madam Li Nuyun deeply appreciated for it and pointed out that the donation can not only contribute to achieve China's voluntary reduction targets including increasing forest coverage by 40 million hectares and forest stock volume by 1. 3 billion cubic meters by 2020 from the 2005 levels, but also promote the pilot national Carbon Sequestration Forestry project, scientific research and public awareness of climate change. Hence, the Dong Ying San Ming Forestry Development Co., Ltd has set a shining example to us all.


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