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CGCF Funding to offset U.N. Climate Change Session

2010/12/30 14:39:43

    CGCF Funding 5000 mu of Forest for Offseting Carbon Emissions of U.N. Climate Change Conference in Tianjin, China


    At the closing ceremony of Tianjin U.N. Climate Change Conference on October 9th, 2010, the head of the Chinese delegation Su Wei announced that the carbon generated from the Conference will be offseted by forest funded by CGCF to achieve the goal of “carbon-neutral”. This signified the beginning of CGCF’s own deeds in carbon reduction for the public benefit in response to U.N. Climate Change initiative after its founding.


    Tianjin U.N. Climate Change Conference opened on October 4th and achieved its objective that laid a sound foundation for Cancun U.N. Climate Change Conference at the end of the year. This has been the first time for the Chinese government to organize the Conference and active efforts have been made in the preparation which has been well received by the international community. In the pursue of disseminating the low carbon and green concept and promote public awareness on environmental protection and   climate change, the Chinese government decided to offset all the carbon footprint from Tianjin U.N. Climate Change Conference into an international Conference of “carbon-neutral”.

    It is calculated by experts from Tsinghua University that Tianjin U.N. Climate Change Conference would generate 12,000 tons of CO2-e. CGCF funded RMB 3.75 million yuan to afforest 5000 mu of forest in Xiyang county in Shanxi Province which will offset that amount of carbon emissions in the next 10 years.
    In line with the international technical criteria in carbon sink afforestation, the forest funded by CGCF to offset carbon footprint from Tianjin U.N. Climate Change Conference not only neutralize that carbon emission, but also improve the local environment, protect the biodiversity. In the carbon sink forest crediting period, the farmers in the project area can generate RMB 2.6 million yuan of income from labor input, equivalent to RMB 7 million yuan of income from forest by-product and timber.



    CGCF is sponsored by China National Petroleum Cooperation and Sino-Forest Cooperation International Co.Ltd and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs on July 19th 2010 with the support from the SFA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment Protection and Ministry of Agriculture. The foundation is under the direct auspices of SFA.

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