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CGCF attended Asia-Pacific Sustainable Conference

2011/9/21 9:35:37

Dr. LI Nuyun, Secretary -General of CGCF, Addressed at the

Asia-Pacific Business & Sustainable Council Conference on

“China’s Forestry Carbon Sequestration Management and Innovation”
At the invitation of Dr. Peter Seligmann, Chairman of the board and managing director of Conservation International (CI), Dr. LI Nuyun, Secretary-General of China Green Carbon Foundation, attended the Asia-Pacific Business & Sustainable Council Conference in Hongkong from September 8th to 9th  2011 and addressed the conference entitled: “China’s Forestry Carbon Sequestration Management and Innovation”.

Dr. LI’s presentation covered a wide range of topics such as China’s contribution in mitigating the global climate change through accelerating the forests vegetation restoration, China’s forestry carbon sequestration management policy framework, China’s forestry carbon sequestration technical standard, the establishment and operation of China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF), the study and trial on the establishment and mechanism of voluntary carbon sequestration trade market in China. Further, the conference participants have been briefed by her comprehensively about the great achievements in China’s forestry development and the incentive policies in tree-planting and afforestation; the platform established by the CGCF for the industrial enterprises and general public to voluntarily reduce emission by way of forest measures and provided practical examples that CGCF has been assisting the enterprises in “carbon neutral” projects. Practicable recommendations have been given to the industrial enterprises at home and abroad as how to use forest carbon sequestration to eliminate “carbon footprint” and engage in low carbon emission production. Dr. LI is enthused with question and discussion from the conference participants in regard to the technical standard for carbon sequestration afforestation project, the monitoring of carbon sequestration accounting, the forecast of China’s carbon trade development, the ways of how the overseas enterprises’ participation in fulfilling the energy-saving and emission reduction target through forest measures.

The conference participants acknowledged that the presentation and discussion has been a valuable opportunity to understand China’s forestry development and forestry carbon sequestration management. Mr. Walter Dias, managing director and member of the board of directors of United Airlines for Greater China Region and South Korea, expressed his desire for a study trip in learning China’s forestry carbon sequestration project. The international or regional companies such as Walt Disney Company, Cathay Pacific expressed their cooperation intentions to work with CGCF and look forward for further discussions of carbon sequestration projects and the devise of the energy-saving and emission reduction plans.
The Asia-Pacific Business & Sustainable Council Conference was sponsored by CI and organized by Cathay Pacific. Nearly 100 participants from over 50 top international industries and business corporations, consulting firms, such as BURSA MALAYSIA , Wal-Mart, Walt Disney, Cathay Pacific, SINO group, MTR Corporation Ltd, Wilmar International, United Airlines and others.
In the forms of panel sessions, specialists’ presentation, questions & answers, extensive exchanges and discussion had been held among the participants with regard to the opportunities and challenges confronted by the enterprises and their action in carbon reduction under the global climate change scenario as well as policies in investment and funding. In addition, the issues of cooperation between the enterprises and the governments and raising public awareness of environment protection through enterprises’ product and service improvement are also covered. The participants stated their views unreservedly. The international top industries presented their respective measures in low carbon operation and the elimination of “carbon footprint” to demonstrate their goodwill social responsibility image. The consensus has been reached that the adverse impact of climate change to the environment and economy as well as to the society can be effective dealt with in a scientific way to fulfill humanity’s long term sustainable development objective to the maximum extent provided that the hinged efforts made from the government, the industry and the general public and come in parallel with the raise of public awareness in addition to the establishment of institutional and mechanism regime.

Organized by China Green Carbon Foundation  

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