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First Annual Carbon Offsetting Forest Estabilshed

2011/5/19 9:34:08

---China’s First Industrial Enterprise Afforested Carbon Offset Forest Established in JianNin County of Fujian Province


The plaque unveiling ceremony of China’s First Industrial Enterprise Afforested Carbon Offset Forest was held in JianNin County in Fujian Province on May the 12th 2011.


Board Director Mr. LIU Yuhe of China Green Carbon Foundation(CGCF), the former vice minister of Forestry Ministry, announced that the “2010 industrial enterprise afforested carbon offset forest ” donated by Fujian Jianfeng Packaging Supply Co., Ltd has been established in compliance with the requirements by CGCF. The target of said carbon offset forest will, in the next 20 years, absorb 5081 tons of CO2-e that emitted during company’s 2010 production. This carbon offset forest has been the first kind of carbon neutral forest in Fujian Province which opened a new chapter in Fujian Province carbon sink forest development.


The total carbon emissions from the Packaging Company in 2010 have been calculated at 5081 tons of CO2-e by Beijing Gloriam Climate Technology Consulting Co.Ltd. Carbon sink forest of 150 mu has been established in JianNin County which the absorption of CO2 by this plot of forest will offset 5081 tons of CO2-e that emitted during company’s 2010 production.


Board Director Mr. LIU Yuhe articulated that CGCF is the first national public funding foundation motivated at combating the climate change by increasing carbon sinks and mitigating carbon emissions. The foundation has built a quadruple beneficial platform of “store carbon credit, practice social responsibility by the enterprises, raise farmers’ income and improve ecological environment” between the enterprises and the public by the way of forest carbon sink. CGCF has become China’s most authoritative and professional agency dedicated to non-profit public benefit carbon offset missions who has been successfully committing itself in carbon offset projects for the large international conferences such as carbon offset initiatives for the UN Tianjin Climate Change Conference and that of the Third China International Forum of Ecological Civilization and Green Competition, as well as the annual carbon offset activities such as Fujian Jianfeng Packaging Supply Co., Ltd and INBAR.


Mr. LIU Yuhe explained that the enterprises voluntarily donate to the CGCF to afforest carbon offset forest and the CO2 absorbed by the trees from the enterprises funded forest will be credited to their specific accounts to offset carbon emission generated from their annual production or products. By doing so, the enterprises can achieve low carbon production and improve the living environment. Such public welfare actions will fully expose the responsibility and green image of the enterprises and raise their soft strength for sustainable development. Fujian Jianfeng Packaging Supply Co., Ltd has been China’s first industrial enterprise ,who had delegated to the CGCF, to offset its annual production carbon emission by the way of afforest carbon sink forest.


In March this year, CGCF had presented the plaque and credential as well as emblem of “2010 Carbon Offset Enterprise” to Fujian Jianfeng Packaging Supply Co., Ltd in commending their active participation in increasing carbon sinks reducing carbon emission. Their public welfare actions were widely reported on media and received popular public acknowledgement. The display of enterprise’s social responsibility and green image has helped remarkably raise the soft strength of the enterprise and give a push to its sustainable development.


Mr. LIU Yuhe also urged that the awareness of global warming containment and the save of green homeland has been the common mission of the mankind. The development of carbon sink forest to combat climate change needs the extensive participation of the whole society. It is expected that more enterprises, social organizations and individuals will join hands with CGCF to actively undertake the social responsibility by carbon sink and storage afforestation donation and forest protection. Low carbon production and low carbon life will be your greater contributions to the endeavor of addressing climate change and the protection of our green homeland.


Deputy Secretary-general of CGCF Mr. SU Donghai, Deputy Director-general of Fujian Province Forestry Department Mr. XIE Zaizhong and Chairman of the Board of Fujian Jianfeng Packaging Supply Co., Ltd Mr. LIN Guangmin attended the unveiling ceremony.

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