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Build CGCF to be Internationally Renowned

2011/9/21 9:07:41
   China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) held its one year anniversary forum in Beijing on August 30. Up to July 30th 2011, CGCF received RMB164 million donations from enterprises, organizations and individuals nationwide. Carbon sequestration afforestation trial projects had been initiated across the country totaling an area of 120,000 mu in addition to 30 carbon sequestration afforestation locations for individuals’ donation being arranged.
    Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the honorable chairman of board of directors of CGCF, Mr. BAI Lichen and the administrator of SFA, Mr. JIA Zhibang are present at the forum. The forum is presided over by Mr. LIU Yuhe, chairman of board of directors.
     Mr. BAI Lichen expresses that the global climate change characterized by the climate warming has become one of the grave threats confronted by the humanity and received great attention and attached great importance worldwide. Containing the global warming and saving the homeland on Earth is destined for the world community as a whole. CGCF has embarked on a brand new cause of global and historical significance which will benefit the human society that bears opportunities and challenges. It is hoped that the government, the enterprises and general public will facilitate support and services to the development of the Foundation in a joint drive to address climate change. Further, CGCF will consummates its institutional management and operational efficiency to strive to its objective of build CGCF into one of the flagship public funding Foundation in China and one of the internationally renowned.
      The establishment of CGCF is a beneficial and proactive trial in promoting China’s carbon sequestration afforestation development and build a public welfare benefits platform for the industries and institutions as well as the individuals to practice low carbon production and low carbon life styles and demonstration their social responsibility by the way of forest measure to absorb CO2. The CGCF implements the entire carbon sequestration projects in compliance with the technical standards that are in line with the international practice, guaranteeing that there will be the forest plots for every tCO2-e. In addition to the strict additionality and public credibility with carbon trade potentiality, the carbon sequestration forest project will provide employment opportunities for local farmers to generate income, contributing positively to the increase of forests resources, biodiversity protection and eco environment improvement, said Mr. JIA Zhibang. He also spoke highly the remarkable achievements of Foundation in the past one year and stressed that the allocation of donation must strictly follow donors desire, strengthen project management and inspection, establish sound accounting mechanism, austerely control the administrative expenditure, enhance capacity building and raise the consciousness of voluntary services. At the same time, the CGCF should learn from the best practice and good institutional mechanism of those NGO’s both at home and abroad to shape own systematic management framework for the sustainable development.
      CGCF is the first public fund foundation dedicated to and targeted at carbon sink increase and emission reduction in addressing global climate change that established on August 31st 2010 in Beijing. In following the standardization of accountable, reportable and verifiable in carbon sequestration affrostation that is in compliance with the international practice, the Foundation raised RMB164 million in the past year. Under the supervision of the SFA, a series of regulatory documentations have been promulgated and enforced, such as “Carbon Sequestration Afforestation Technical Specifications (Tentative)”, “Acceptance Methods for Carbon Sequestration Afforestation (Tentative)”, “Guidelines for Carbon Sequestration Afforestation Accounting and Monitoring” etc, to set forth the technical standards of carbon sequestration forests in production, accounting, monitoring, verification and registration. A systematic technical and regulatory framework for forestry carbon sequestration management and trade came into shape, which is in compliance with the international practice and in combination with China’s practical situation. A number of large scales of “Carbon Neutral” meetings have been successfully organized by the Foundation and general public’s participation in National ecosystem build-up by the way of “purchasing the forestry carbon sequestration” has been actively advocated and well received.

Organized by China Green Carbon Foundation  

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