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Sizable Donation for Desertification Control by...

2012/4/5 8:57:41

Sizable Donation for Desertification Control by QIANTAI Industries

Co., Ltd to China Green Carbon Foundation Committed

The signing ceremony of donation agreement between QIANTAI Industrial Co., Ltd and China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) was held on March 14th 2012 in Beijing. In attendance at the ceremony have been CGCF’s honorary president BAI Lichen, Minister JIAO Zhibang and deputy ministers ZHAO Shucong and ZHANG Yongli from State Forestry Administration (SFA); CGCF’s president LIU Yuhe and the directors from Inner Mongolia QIANTAI Industries Co., Ltd.

According to the Agreement, Inner Mongolia QIANTAI Industries Co., Ltd committed to donate a sizable amount of money to CGCF in the next 15 years for public benefit projects such as carbon sink afforestation to combat desertification and the tree cultivars improvement as well as forest silviculture and the restoration of vegetation in mining areas.

Mr. ZHANG Yongli, deputy minister of SFA, presided over the signing ceremony and stressed that China has been investing heavily every year in forest vegetation restoration and protection. China has become the world fastest forest area enlargement country and has the largest plantation which contributes greatly to mitigate the climate warming. Nevertheless, China is the country of a few forest resources and need to accelerate afforestation to increase carbon sink forests that can gain greater spaces for climate mitigation for the national economic development. Therefore, in addition to the national investment, it requires proactive participation from the public especially the industrial enterprises in the national drive of combating climate change by forest approach. The two-increase target of 40 million hectares forest areas and 1.3 billion cubic meters of forest standing volume will be successfully achieved at the year of 2020.

Mr. ZHANG commented that QIANTAI Industries Co., Ltd, located in the fragile ecology region in the west part of China, has already donated the funding to build a 100,000 mu plant nursery and has planted trees in large areas which demonstrated its focus on forest vegetation restoration and improvement of ecological environment in that areas. Furthermore, the company now committed to contribute a great amount of fund for desertification control which embodies its corporate social responsibility and its determination in proactive participation to the national strategy in mitigating climate change. Its particular significance lies in the generation of income for local farmers and biodiversity protection as well as the ecological environment improvement through the implementation of company’s donated carbon sink forest tree planting project. QIANTAI Industries Co., Ltd has set a good example and become the role model for industrial enterprises who are aspired to follow suit in ecological development and voluntary emission reduction and to make their contributions in climate change mitigation and sustainable socio-economic development.

(Author: WEN,Yali Source: China Greentimes Published: March 16, 2012)

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