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Raising Public awareness of Carbon Neutralization…

2021/6/21 16:28:59


Raising Public awareness of Carbon Neutralization in Communities


In order to assist China to reach carbon peak and realize carbon neutral, China Green Carbon Foundation along with China City Alliance launched a series of activities with the title of "a little spark for gross carbon reduction action". Initiating from the "6.5 World Environment Day", the activity will carry out a series of activities in different communities, which are expected to spread concept of saving energy, natural resource and protecting environment.

 30 families took part in the activity which composed of expert sharing, spark lesson and interaction.  He Yeyun, director of the International Department of China Green Carbon Foundation, interpreted carbon knowledge from a professional perspective and illustrated the ways and means for community residents to contribute to carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

"Spark lesson” is led by Kang Xiaolan, director of Shanghai Aifen environmental protection project. She applied lively and interesting interactive ways such as dance and painting to help community residents particularly kids find good ways to save energy and reduce emissions from their daily life.

"Community interaction" invited 30 family members come together for relevant training and further text their understanding of carbon reduction knowledge.

China Green Carbon Foundation will explore more ways continuously to spread the knowledge of carbon neutralization to the first-line communities, and work with more enterprises and residents to contribute to the environmental protection and sustainable development of communities.


Organized by China Green Carbon Foundation  

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