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CGCF funds to offset important conference

2011/1/11 11:00:14
    It is reported by GU, ZHONGYANG, staff writer of the Peoples Daily on line, on January 6, 2011 that China Green Carbon Foundation will fund RMB11, 250 yuan to afforest 15 mu of carbon forest in Yan’an City of Shaanxi Province which will sequestrate all the carbon emission from the 2011 National Conference of Forestry Department Directors that achieve the goal of a “carbon neutral” conference. The said annual conference is organized by the State Forestry Administration.


    The total carbon emissions from the 2011 National Forestry Department Directors’ Conference has been calculated at 49.84 tons of CO2-e by Beijing Gloriam Climate Technology Consulting Co.Ltd and verified by CGCF. Enunciated by the executive person from the SFA, CGCF will finance the afforestation to offset this amount of carbon emissions from the annual National Conference of Forestry Department Directors and become a “carbon neutral” one starting from this year. By doing so, low carbon and green concepts will be disseminated and public consciousness on climate change will be raised. Carbon neutral afforestation will sequestrate the CO2-e of this conference in addition to the multiple benefits of improving the local eco environment and biodiversity as well as the increase of farmers’ income.


    CGCF is the first national public funding foundation targeted at combating the climate change by increasing carbon sinks and mitigating carbon emissions.  The foundation has built a quadruple beneficial platform of “store carbon credit, practice social responsibility by the enterprises, raise farmers’ income and improve ecological environment” between the enterprises and the public by the way of forest carbon sink. This exemplary “carbon-neutral” campaign for 2011 National Forestry Department Directors’ Conference added up to the previous carbon offset initiatives for the UN Tianjin Climate Change Conference and the Third China International Forum of Ecological Civilization and Green Competition by the CGCF.  




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